There are many people who get lazy when they start to clean their toilet or bathroom as they believe that this is the most disgusting part of the house. If you always do that, then there’s a chance that most of the dirt would just go into the septic system and there would be a chance it gets bad. This will cause you some money again as you need to hire someone to do the septic tank cleaning as the toilet won’t flush anymore and even the sink there. This is the point why it’s necessary to remove the dirt in the bathroom from time to time after using to get away from the possibility of facing some troubles.

At the same time, if you’ve a dirty and messy bathroom that would reflect the owner of the house on how he or she keeps the environment at home clean. It can cause a very foul and unpleasant odor due to the problem in the pipes or not flushing of the toilet properly and other not so good things here. For some parents, they become worried of the germs and bacteria that can build up here especially if they have little kids who like to play there after urinating. Doing the cleaning properly would give you lesser headache in the future not only to the maintenance but also when you have a sudden visitor in your home.

It you are feeling that there is too much germs there, then you could boil some water first and then try to pour it around the toilet bowl and floor. This could be a good start when it comes to sanitizing and giving your bathroom a good way to start a general cleaning and rinsing it with hot water. Using the hot water could help to loosen up all the dirt and stains that stuck there for a longer time because of being too lazy to clean it. Of course, you could wear a pair of gloves to your hands if you’re not comfortable of touching the bowl when you are cleaning it or scrubbing the different areas.

You may use a bathroom’s cleaner or any brand that is suitable to be used for the toilet and the flooring of the toilet room to kill the germs around. It can also help you to reduce the unpleasant smell coming from the toilet bowl and gets away the stains there that causes a yellowish color to the white surface. Don’t use a sponge when cleaning the inside part of the bowl, as there is a toilet brush that is fitted to be used for scrubbing it and remove dirt. To rinse the inside part of the toilet bowl, you may use some water to flush it if your flush button is not working or you may use a dipper.

Not to forget as well to clean the walls of the bathroom to make sure that the room is totally clean and remove those water marks there.