You, as a homeowner, could rarely predict when your house would be hit by a severe storm. When your roof has been severely damaged, it is significant to have a clear knowledge of the correct steps that must be taken. Ice storms, snow storms, severe rainstorms, and windstorms could all cause damage to your roof. And you also might want to consider hiring roofing companies.  

Storm Damage

  • Check the Damage to your Roof 

Assessing the damage is the 1st step after you suffer severe storm. Estimated damage assessments could help you deliberate your needs with the contractor or insurance company and prevent discrepancies or unforeseen expenses. Keep in mind that this tip is only applicable during the day. Thus, in several conditions, you might want to skip to tip 2 before assessing the damage.  

Utilize a pair of binoculars when looking at the roof to determine the damaged places. Estimate the specific details and general square foot of the area that’s been damaged. Carefully look to identify if there are missing shingles in a particular area, take note of the severity of the damage. In several conditions, only several random shingles would be missing.  

Document the materials that are exposed or visible. Examine for signs of tarpaper, exposed plywood, or the ends of missing shingles. Remember the material’s color and the estimated shade. 

  • To Minimize Property Damage, Make Temporary Repairs 

Interior property could be damaged by leaking water if your roof is seriously damaged in a place that is directly above your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or dining room. In order to prevent further damage to your interior property, ensure to put a garbage can or bucket under leaks and eliminate any important belongings in that place. Severe damage might require being quickly waterproof using ice and water membrane or strapped tarping technique, though smaller fixes could be immediately shingled.  

  • Call your Insurance Firm 

Call your insurance firm. Assess if the damage is big enough to be covered through your home insurance. You should also check if it would be more inexpensive to directly hire a roofing contractor for any needed roof repairs. When huge residential locations are hit by severe weather or storm, it could be beneficial to utilize the insurance of a homeowner since contractors could become busy in times of natural disaster.  

  • Call a Reliable Contractor to Fix the Roof if Needed 

Always hire an expert and certified roofing company if you choose to hire a private contractor. Do not hire contractors who are in your place because of the natural catastrophe. Contractors who are traveling and follow storms have no reputation to show and might offer poor workmanship. 

  • Call Emergency Services 

Contact your utility company or 911 and report them if you see fallen hydro or electric lines. Examine the damage to your house when it is safe to go outside. As soon as you can, have a reliable and expert roofing repair contractor to take a look at your home. Contact your insurance agent and file a claim if the damage is big enough.